The newest pipe in my collection is a rather unique find: a Hilson Fantasia with a bent stem. What makes it unique is the stummel material: instead of the traditional briar, meerschaum, or corn cob it is made of a bakelite plastic with a meerschaum inner liner. The result is a very shiny-looking bowl with a cool-burning inside.

This took a lot of care to clean up. The bowl was very nasty and covered in cake and even had unsmoked tobacco in it (yuck!). For those who don’t know, you really don’t want to let a cake of tobacco build up in meerschaum bowls as you risk cracking the bowl.

Hilson Fantasia

Hilson was a Belgium company that produced these pipes back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I believe this particular one came from the 70’s, as you can see from looking at similar pipes in this 1978 Tinderbox Catalog.

I really dig the marbled plastic look. This pipe is definitely a keeper in the collection.